CBI supports Ethiopian tourism initiative

CBI has been a dedicated supporter of Ethiopian tourism since 2019, collaborating with 19 inbound tour operators through the Sustainable Tourism Ethiopia project. This partnership has led to the formation of the Ethiopia Travel Specialists collective, which has embraced innovative marketing strategies. 

CBI's comprehensive support includes training, networking, resource sharing, and a unified marketing approach, underscoring their dedication to advancing Ethiopian tourism.

CBI's Ongoing Support for 19 Inbound Tour Operators

CBI has been steadfastly bolstering Ethiopian tourism by providing crucial support to a coalition of 19 inbound tour operators. This assistance is channelled through the Sustainable Tourism Ethiopia initiative, aimed at revitalising and sustaining the country's tourism industry as discussed.

  • A Fresh Marketing Approach Unveiled

While many of the Ethiopia Travel Specialists have been ardently promoting their sustainable travel offerings, encompassing everything from short and extended stays to culturally immersive experiences and specialised interest tours, they have embarked on a novel strategy this year. This strategic shift involves the launch of a brand-new LinkedIn business page and the inauguration of a mailing list. 

These platforms serve as conduits to disseminate valuable insights into their day-to-day operations and unwavering commitment to the realm of tourism. 

  • Empowering Through Collaboration

The companies comprising the Ethiopia Travel Specialists collective share a common thread – they are all active participants in the CBI Sustainable Tourism Ethiopia project. Recognizing the immense potential of collaborating rather than competing, they united under the banner of Ethiopia Travel Specialists. This collaborative effort has been instrumental in augmenting their marketing capabilities within European B2B travel markets.

  • Empowering through Enhanced Training

To thrive in the diverse landscape of European markets, clients, and evolving trends, the specialists embarked on a journey of enhanced training. This comprehensive education not only deepened their understanding but also led many to attain the esteemed designation of Travelife Partners.

  • Unleashing Creativity through Networking and Ideation

Regular brainstorming sessions became the crucible for innovative ideas to take shape. This creative synergy bore fruit in the form of joint activities and the conception of unique, collaborative products that resonated with their target audience.

  • Efficiency Through Resource Sharing

Recognizing the potential for resource optimization, the Ethiopia Travel Specialists embarked on resource-sharing initiatives. They cooperated in maximising the efficiency of minibuses, vehicles, and guides, ensuring that every resource was used to its full potential. 

Explore Ethiopia Travel Specialists

For those seeking a deeper understanding of the Ethiopia Travel Specialists and their remarkable journey in Ethiopian tourism, we invite you to visit their website. Here, you can discover comprehensive insights into their collective efforts, unique offerings, and the passionate individuals driving this dynamic initiative. Whether you're a traveller intrigued by sustainable and immersive experiences or a business partner seeking collaboration, their website is the gateway to exploring all that the Ethiopia Travel Specialists have to offer.

  • Uncover CBI's Sustainable Tourism Ethiopia Project

To gain a more profound understanding of CBI's enduring commitment to fostering sustainable tourism in Ethiopia, we encourage you to explore the project page. This dedicated resource provides a wealth of information about the project's objectives, impact, and the collaborative efforts that have revitalised Ethiopian tourism. Whether you are a stakeholder in the industry, a potential partner, or simply someone interested in sustainable tourism, this page offers valuable insights into CBI's pivotal role in Ethiopia's tourism sector.


What is CBI's involvement in the Ethiopian tourism initiative?

CBI has been actively supporting the Ethiopian tourism initiative since 2019. They provide assistance and resources to a group of 19 inbound tour operators in Ethiopia through the Sustainable Tourism Ethiopia project.

What is the Ethiopia Travel Specialists collective, and how did it come about?

The Ethiopia Travel Specialists is a collective formed by the 19 tour operators participating in the CBI Sustainable Tourism Ethiopia project. They established this collective to harness their combined strengths and improve their marketing knowledge and know-how.

What new marketing approaches have the Ethiopia Travel Specialists adopted?

In addition to their existing marketing efforts, the Ethiopia Travel Specialists have launched a LinkedIn business page and a mailing list. These platforms are aimed at sharing insights into their daily work and fostering direct communication between European buyers and Ethiopian tour operators.

How do the Ethiopia Travel Specialists collaborate to enhance their marketing efforts?

Collaboration among the specialists involves sharing resources and working together daily. For instance, they optimise the use of minibuses, vehicles, and guides. They also collectively negotiate for better terms when contracting accommodations. Additionally, they collaborate on (virtual) roadshows, webinars, and trade fair participation, supported by a promotion portal showcasing their offerings.

Where can I find more information about the Ethiopia Travel Specialists and the CBI project?

You can find more information about the Ethiopia Travel Specialists by visiting their website. To learn more about the CBI project, you can explore the Sustainable Tourism Ethiopia project page.

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