Ethiopia Visa Extension

As a human, we love to explore and exploring could include moving around the world to see how beautiful other sides of the world is and see beyond our country or environment. Therefore, all countries have rules and regulation that guides entering them either to vising, work or to becoming permanent residents in other countries. As all countries have a guide to follow before entering them Ethiopia also has there rules by which travelers have to abide by or follow before they can enter the country.

The federal republic of Ethiopia is located in the northeast of the African continent which is fondly called the horn of Africa because of how it looks on the map. Ethiopia's official languages are Amharic, Somali, Oromo, Tigrigna, and Afar, the country is blessed with numerous natural resources such as Gold, Land, Minerals, Potash, Platinum, and natural gas.

The country also has some stunning places and that is why the country is called The Land of Fiction. Those beautiful places attract tourism which people from all different parts of the world would like to visit and explore.

Some of the places in Ethiopia that attract visitors include:

  • The Church of Saint George located in Lalibela. This church is known for its uniqueness and people visit not only because of this but because of its religious specialty and cultural meaning
  • Danakil Depression. This is another tourist attraction located in Ethiopia. This place is known for its strange landscape that makes it look fictional. In recent years, this place is explore by photographers and lovers of sightseeing. The sight of this place will make you feel like you are on another planet
  • Simian Mountains: this place is one of the most spectacular landscapes on earth. The jagged mountain comes between the deep valleys and has a stunning background that is sketched out by traditional agriculture life.
  • Lower Omo Valley: this place will give you an ancient feeling as it will take you back to the time of prehistoric humans. You can trace back human evolution to this place as it is filled with the most significant heritage of mankind. This and many other places are great places to visit or explore.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to visiting Ethiopia for tourism or for any other reasons that have to do with visiting, you need to know the rules and regulations that guide you in doing so.

Guide to follow to obtain Ethiopia e-Visa

The Ethiopia e-Visa is the kind of visa that allows all the applicants to apply and submit all the documentation online without the applicant having to visit the Ethiopian embassy or consulate. This application can be done online within a few minutes without the applicant having to wait in line to get the visa on arrival.

This mode allows citizens from different parts of the world to apply by filling out the form which entails questions and answers to get to know more about the applicant. The process of applying for the Ethiopia e-Visa usually takes process usually takes 24 hours. But there are some occasions when it takes up to 2 days and once the application is approved, the e-Visa will be sent to the applicant through the email that the applicant used to register. It is advised that the applicant checked their email spam box regularly as the email might have dropped in the spam box.

Once the applicant got the approval to visit Ethiopia, Ethiopian immigration, at the port of entry, will require the traveler to provide the e-visa sent to him through email with the passport of the country such traveler is coming from.

Commonly, Ethiopian authorities issue single entry visas for the traveler who wants to visit the country for tourism, conference, etc., and like other visiting visas from other countries, Ethiopians usually issue 30 to 90 days visas for the visitor.

How to extend Ethiopian visiting e-Visa

Like many other countries, Ethiopia also gives room for a traveler who intends to extend their stay while in the country. Just like visa processing, visa renewing is also quick to process and straightforward. Applicants can apply for visa extensions using two methods.

Firstly, applicants can visit the immigration, National and Vital Events Agency that is located in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia Capital) alternatively, applicants can apply for visa extension online using the online application form by clicking on the visa extension link and then follow all the guideline that is present on the site. Kindly note that you will be asked to pay the visa extension fee using either your credit or debit card. The visa extension fee is based on how long the applicant intends to stay. For instance, if applicants intend to extend their stay for the first time, applicants will have to pay the amount that is equivalent to 100% above the previous e-visa application fee.

If the applicant is extending their stay up to 15 days for the second time after the first visa issued is about to expire, the applicant will be asked to pay additional fee of 150% above the previous e-visa application fee. And if the applicant is extending the visa for the third time for up to 10 days, they will be required to pay additional fee of up to 200% above the previous e-visa application fee.

Once a traveler submits the extension visa application, it usually takes 24 hours to process the visa extension. The form is simple to fill as the traveler has to fill all the necessary information about them.

Therefore, after the application is approved, a confirmation mail will be sent to the traveler and the traveler will have to print out a copy and present it at the Ethiopian border to extend their stay.

What does it require to extend Ethiopia e-Visa?

The applicants should carry a valid passport that has at least 6 months to when the extension is requested.

Some visiting visas such as NGO Visa (NV), Conference Visa (CV), Student Visa, and Journalist Visa are exempt from extension or renewal.

The process and validity of the extended visa start the following day after which the previous visa expires.

Overstaying fee

Like many other countries, Ethiopia also frowns at travelers overstaying in their country after the visa they carry expired. Therefore, travelers are advised to abide by their itinerary and return when due. But failure to do so attracts penalties

If a traveler overstays after their passport has expired, each day they spent, they will pay a $50 fine plus $5 per day. That is to say, $50 is the fine for overstaying but for each day spent, the traveler will be paying $5 per day. Travelers can not escape this fine because the immigration will know at the point of exit and once they realized that the visitor has overstayed, they will have no choice but to ask the visitor to pay the fine.

Penalty for overstaying

If a visitor overstayed their duration, and they don’t report to the authority until they have been caught this has gone beyond paying a fine. Payment of fine is useful only if the visitor report themselves or the immigration got to know at the point of exit and ask the visitor about the fine. But if the immigration happens to be the one that realized the visitor has overstayed, then such visitor will have to face legal penalties and be charged with criminal charges and if found guilty, such visitor will be deported and banned from entering Ethiopia again

Online Visa fee

Payment of e-Visa and application is done online as the applicant will be asked to complete and fill out the form online. The visa fee has to do with how many days the visitor is looking forward to spending in the country and also note that they only give single entry visas for a visitor. If the visitor intends to stay for 30 days, he or she will pay $52 and if a visitor intends to spend 90 days, such visitor will pay $72. This implies that payment varies and it is according to how many days the visitor intends to spend.


Yes. Visa-on-arrival still works. You can get a visa when you arrived at the capital state of the country (Addis Ababa Bole International Airport) or any other Ethiopian embassy that is nearest to you. But it will be checked if you are eligible for it before it is been issued to you.

Yes. Visa-on-arrival still works. You can get a visa when you arrived at the capital state of the country (Addis Ababa Bole International Airport) or any other Ethiopian embassy that is nearest to you. But it will be checked if you are eligible for it before it is been issued to you.

Usually, your visa should be ready within 3 days. That is, you should get your e-visa not longer than 3 days that is why it is advised to apply for the visa 3 days before you left your country.

Yes, you can. But ensure that those pictures are taken with a high-resolution camera so that the immigration will not have to go through any hassle while documenting your data.

If you have done all the necessities and you do not receive a confirmation mail from us, kindly check your spam or junk box and if you could not find it there as well, please get in touch with us through this mail address support[@]

No. you can’t. Since all the processing is done virtually, you can only check your application status online. Note that once your visa is approved, an approval letter will be sent to you through the email address you fill in the form.

We introduce e-visa to save people from facing hassle while applying for the e-visa as the e-visa saves time and is stress-free. Before applying for an e-visa, you don’t have to visit the embassy or consulate and there is no need for complex paperwork. The virtual application is easier and more secure compared to the traditional visa-on-arrival application and the e-visa enables you to secure your approved e-visa before your departure. Aside from that, it also saves you some money like hotel reservations and air tickets since there are chances you can be denied of visa on arrival.

If you are rejected, you will get a notification that your application is being rejected, we cannot tell you why it is rejected.

No, you won't get a refund. Payment of the application fee does not necessarily mean that your visa application will be approved.

The validity of your e-visa starts from the day you enter Ethiopia. The day you selected in your application form while applying not the date the visa was issued

Applicants are advised to confirm all the information they provide while feeling out the form to ensure that the information they provided is correct and accurate before they click on submit. The e-visa system can modify or update any information that applicants entered wrongly while filling out the form. To avoid unnecessary issues at the Ethiopian counter, applicants are enjoined to provide correct and accurate information.

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