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Ethiopian Embassy in Stockholm

Tel.   : (+46) 8-120 485 00
Fax   : (+46) 8-660 95 61
Email   : [email protected]
[email protected]
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Sintayehu yohannes

Hi i need contact ambassder please contact [email protected] he is my best life father so i need him thankyou for every thing to my house name chebude

Borje Andersson

Embassy of Ethiopia Birger Jarlsgatan 39 Stockholm To whom it concerns Dear Sir/Madam Good morning Embassy. A relative of ours living in Sana'a, Yemen, wants to visit Sweden. The route will be Sana'a, Aden - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. - Copenhagen, Denmark, - Osby, Sweden As Yemen does not have an Ethiopian Embassy/Consulate with the possibility to apply for a transit visa, I would like advice and instructions on how applicants should go about getting this document attached to their passport. The intention of the itinerary to visit Addis Ababa, is to visit the Swedish Embassy there, which is necessary to get your visa/invitation to Sweden treated. My question is…..Can I from here the Ethiopian Embassy get help with the transit visa application for their visit to Addis Ababa, and then distribute it to the applicant? Thank you for your reply, advice and instructions. Respectfully Börje Andersson (uncle of the applicant) civic no. 4441204-4531 Sitrallah Al Naggar Andersson (aunt of the applicant) civic no. 701201-2667

Angelo Dagn

Dear Consular I need visit visa to my family in ethiopia

Angelo Dagn

Dear: Consular I couldn,t find south Sudan Country on list online and I sent you the receipt ticket yesterday

Angelo Dagn

Dear Consluer. I sent my ticket receipt yesterday with Anmes Angelo Dagn

Bizuayehu G Angessa

Dear Sir/Madam, I applied for a visa for four persons, three children and one adult on the 17th of June 2023. I applied using the link "". I paid 82 USD per visa and received confirmation for the payment. On the 21st of June, I received visas for two children namely Ifa Benti Tadesse and Nafgari Benti Tadesse. But visas for Bizuayehu G Angessa and Natoli Benti Tadesse have not come yet. Our planned journey is next Tuesday, the 4th of July 2023. We have a very short time but we are still not receiving any answers or visas. Could You please help us to make our planned journey not spoiled because of not receiving the two visas? I hope your office will help us to facilitate this as soon as possible and make our journey easier as planned. It is a huge burden and stressful since I am traveling with small children. Would You be kind to either help us to solve this or contact the concerned body so that they can help us before our tickets burn as the days are getting very closer. kindly Yours,

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